The idea of employing his knowledge and skills in a non-traditional manner to help people in a wide variety of fields to achieve goals and to produce the highest quality work excites Brian. The prospect of sharing his knowledge more broadly through a variety of means also intrigues Brian. As such, he is launching this services tab to turn that vision into a reality. 

Specific Services:



Need information for a book, article, exhibit, or media program? Brian possesses significant research experience. In addition to his own scholarly research, Brian has contributed to book projects, the Clinton and George H.W. Bush oral histories, and Slate’s Whistlestop podcast. He has also conducted significant legal research as well. Brian’s skills are well suited to any project, however big or small. His experience includes engaging in primary and secondary source research, including archival research, as well as synthesizing the resulting information into digestible chunks. He can also provide broader historical or political context to inform projects. 



After close to a decade of exploration, analysis, and teaching college students, Brian possesses a keen understanding of American politics, public policy, American history, and the media business. He has written on a wide variety of topics, including political polarization, the legislative process, the impact of new media on politics, and the media business. His pieces have run in major publications such as The Washington Post, PoliticoTime Magazine’s History Blog, and The Baltimore Sun. Pieces on, Buzzfeed and the Philadelphia Inquirer have also featured Brian’s insight and analysis. His knowledge leaves him well positioned to consult on everything from museum exhibits, to school curricula, to media projects.



Brian is one of the 3 editors of Made by History, a daily historical analysis section published in partnership with the Washington Post. This work involves intensive editing of hundreds of pieces per year, spanning the gamut of topics. He welcomes private clients looking for editing for opinion pieces, journal articles, conference talks and other projects that could benefit from an experienced fresh set of eyes.



Brian employs 6.5 years of college teaching experience to tutor high school and college students in modern American history, American politics and government, and more advanced or specialized topics. He has taught classes on everything from the public policy process to the development of conservatism over the last six decades to politics in the digital age.



Brian has presented papers at several major academic conferences, including the American Historical Association Annual Meeting. His diverse knowledge base lends itself to engaging talks on a plethora of historical, political, and media topics. Brian happily will work with organizations to design a lecture that fits their needs. He enjoys engaging with audiences and can give more informal presentations centering around a question and answer session. Brian can alsorun longer, interactive, hands on workshops on topics related to American politics, policymaking, public policy or American history for small or medium sized groups. Brian enjoys utilizing cutting edge technology and would work with groups to offer talks, workshops, or mini-classes digitally. 


To inquire further about these services or to discuss a project, please email Brian using the contact page or at