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Recent & Upcoming Talks/Panels/Events:

2016 Presidential Campaign: A Historical Journey, July 26, 2016 (watch the event here). 

"The 2016 Presidential Election and Its Impact on Law and Policy," The Pennsylvania Bar Institute, The CLE Conference Center Wanamaker Bldg., 10th FL, Ste. 1010 Juniper Street Entrance Philadelphia PA 19107. 

"Preparing for the Trump Presidency," The Pennsylvania Bar Institute, The CLE Conference Center Wanamaker Bldg., 10th FL, Ste. 1010 Juniper Street Entrance Philadelphia PA 19107. 

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Course Syllabi*:

Public Policy Process: spring 2014

New Media and Politics: summer 2014

The Rise of Conservatism in America 1948-2014: spring 2015

Public Policy Process: spring 2015

The Fight to Define American Values 1962-2015 spring 2016 

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