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Scholarly Philosophy:

I believe that 21st century scholars must work across disciplinary boundaries, and utilize the best techniques and methods from all fields to study our increasingly complex and interrelated world. I also believe in making scholarship accessible and publicly available. This website reflects that vision. 

The blog will be a forum both for commentary and sharing ideas about politics and public policy. I'm a big believer in questioning things and throwing ideas out there, so some of what you might see could be surprising or provocative. We can only increase knowledge by engaging in a dialogue, and testing new ideas and new ways of approaching things. The sidebar on the blog page will provide links to recent articles that are interesting or inspiring. 

Most Recent PublicationS:


"Fox's Bottom Line," US News & World Report, April 6, 2017. 

"Sound and Fury," Gatehouse Media, December 2016. 

"How Candidates Lose Presidential Debates," The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 26, 2016. 

"Donald Trump Isn't Ronald Reagan—He's Barry Goldwater," The Daily Beast, July 5, 2016. 

"The talk radio split between Trump and Cruz," CNN.com, April 25, 2016.  

"Tracing the disappearance of centrists in Pa. GOP," The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 18, 2016. 


I am pleased to announce that Harvard University Press has acquired the rights to my book project, Mount Rushmore: The Rise of Talk Radio and Its Impact on Politics and Public Policy. It should be on bookshelves in the fall of 2018. For more on Mount Rushmore, click here