Schedule of Media Appearances:

8/3: Smerconish on CNN

8/12: NPR 1A

8/13: The Michael Smerconish Show (Sirius/XM POTUS)

Facebook Live video

8/13: The Chuck and Julie Show (KNUS Denver): Part 1 & Part 2

8/14: Stand Up with Pete Dominick (Sirius/XM INSIGHT)

8/15: The Lars Larson Show

8/16: Your Talk Show w/Tim Bremel (WCLO Janesville, Wisconsin)

8/19: The Bulwark Podcast

8/19: The Jim Bohannon Show

8/20: The Leslie Marshall Show

8/21: Charlotte Talks (WFAE Charlotte)

8/21: The Rod Arquette Show (KNRS-Salt Lake City) (audio in the last half hour of the podcast)

8/23: First Light with Michael Toscano

8/26: Let's Get After It with Chris Cuomo (Sirius/XM POTUS)

8/27: The Joe Madison Show (Sirius/XM Urban View)

8/27: Politics! Politics! Politics! Podcast

8/28: The Joe Thomas Show (WCHV Charlottesville)

8/28: Chicago’s Morning Answer (WIND Chicago)

9/3: Slate’s The Gist

9/4: The Brandon Vogt Show (KKOB Albuquerque): 4:05 PM ET

9/8: The Frank Morano Show (AM970 New York)

9/9: The Road to Now podcast

9/10: The Long Game podcast

9/24: The Majority Report with Sam Seder: 12:15 PM ET

Air Date TBA:

The Thom Hartmann Show

NPR’s Here & Now (Week of September 16th)

Many more to come as dates are firmed up!